15th January 2019

How to Reset, Change and Recover AOL email Password

For offering features and functionalities such as huge attachment limit, user-friendly interface, ample storage space, and amazing filters, AOL has become a world-renowned name among the email service providers. You can start using an AOL email just by creating an account on it. In case, you want to reset or recover the AOL email password, read this full guide. For this, you have to do the following:

  1. Open www.mail.aol.com or directly search for AOL mail login in any of the web browsers
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Fill the signup form with the accurate information
  4. Click Continue
  5. Choose the username and set the password for your AOL account
    1. Don’t forget to go through the password guidelines
  6. Follow further instructions to complete the registration process

For more information on how to create an AOL account, you can connect to AOL customer support team.

On the other hand, if you already have an AOL account and forgotten its password, then follow below:

How to reset AOL email password

  1. Open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser
  2. Type mail.aol.com in the URL and hit the Enter key
  3. On the AOL sign in page, you will see Trouble Signing in link right below to the sign in form
  4. Click the link and choose Forget AOL password
  5. You will be asked for your recovery email address or phone number to reset AOL password
    1. Whichever among these two you provide, make sure that is active and accessible
  6. Now, you will get an AOL password link or code
  7. Access your email address and open that email containing a link for your AOL password recovery
    1. In the case of the phone number, a code will be sent
  8. Depending upon what you have selected, follow the instructions to reset AOL password
  9. Once done, set a new password and type it again to confirm

You will need this new password for logging in to your AOL account. Like any other email account, maintaining the security of your AOL mail account is equally important. For this, you simply need to keep a few things in mind. These important points are:

  1. Don’t share your password with anyone
    1. If you share, then don’t forget to change your password later

Here are the instructions to Change AOL password

  1. Login to your AOL mail account
  2. Open Settings and then go to the Profile section
  3. Click Change Password
  4. Provide the required details for the verification, if asked
  5. Enter a new password
  6. Type it again to confirm
  7. It’s done!
  1. Set a strong password that is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
    1. Read the guidelines for the same
  2. Passwords are case-sensitive; therefore, pay attention while you type them for your AOL account login

For further assistance on anything associated with your AOL mail account or AOL password reset process, contact AOL tech support team. You will be given an assured fix in a jiffy.

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